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Heritage pages, past events -including the Hall of Fame evenings, The Everton Collection and the work of Everton FC Heritage Society.

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Halewood Parish Local History Pages


Halewood lies to the south east of Liverpool and was once a township in the large parish of Childwall. This website is still in preparation and will hopefully be online by the end of summer 2007. Various aspects of Halewood's history will be covered, including articles, documents, photographs, maps etc.

Farndon Parish Local History Pages


Farndon is a village in the county of Cheshire, England, on the banks of the River Dee, 8 miles south of Chester, and close to the border with Wales. John Speed (1542-1629), the famous cartographer was born in Farndon, and King Edward the Elder died here in 924. There are several buildings of historical interest, including the Grade I listed medieval bridge and at least sixteen Grade II structures.

Royden Family History Web Site


A family history site for the Royden name or family. History pages, the full tree, coat of arms, name meaning, and various articles, including Thomas Royden & Sons, Shipbuilders of Liverpool and the famous suffragist and preacher Maude Royden.

Everton F.C. Heritage Pages

Heritage pages, past events -including the Hall of Fame evenings, The Everton Collection and the work of Everton FC Heritage Society.


Ellesmere Port War Memorial Project


Dedicated to the memory of Ellesmere Port men who have given their lives during confict, this site is an ongoing project attempting to piece together a little more background about the men who fought and died. It also ties in with tours of the Battlefields where we are trying to visit the graves or memorials of as many soldiers recorded on the Ellesmere Port War Memorial as we can. This website reports the results of those efforts and shows where future researches may lie.

Farndon During the First World War


War had a devastating effect on the small population of Farndon, and the First World War took the lives of many well known young men of the neighbourhood. There were no government provisions laid down on how to commemorate those who were lost, but in Farndon there was equal support for a war memorial and some form of community hall. As a preference could not be agreed, it was decided to have both. This site is about Farndon during the war years, the men of the memorial, and of the surrounding villages in the parish.

Halewood War Memorial Project


The aim of this project is to trace the men of the Halewood War Memorial and to research a brief biography of each man. The battlefields of Belgium and France are also visited regularly to discover more about where the men fought and where they are now remembered. There is also a focus on how the war affected Halewood highlighting the hardships and experiences of those enduring life on the home front.

WWI Battlefields Tour

A tour of the World War One Battlefields of Flanders Fields, Belgium and Vimy Ridge and the Somme in France. Site contains full tour photographs, archive photographs, poetry, tracing soldiers who died in the Great War, plus links to useful sites.

A Family at War

The Effects of the First World War on the family of John and Elizabeth Royden of Liverpool(1872-1920)

The First World War had a devastating effect on the family of John and Elizabeth Royden, and for those at home their lives would never be the same again. Three fathers lost their lives and twelve children would no longer see their parent walk through the door of the family home again.This new biography covers the family in their original home, close to the bustling port of ninteenth century Liverpool, before looking at each of the children in turn to see how their lives were changed by the First World war.

Bombardier Charles Royden R.F.A. (1881-1918)


Charles Royden was in the Royal Field Artillery in the First World War and was killed in 1918. It has taken many years of research to compile enough material for this modest biography. To ensure that even this was not forgotten visit these pages for a more detailed account of Charles Royden at the Somme and his war record.